Community Leader, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreur, Hotelier

 Dr. Kiran C. Patel has made global philanthropy his life’s work. He has distinguished himself by his dedication and determination to make a worldwide impact on millions of lives. Dr. Kiran Patel and his wife, Dr. Pallavi Patel, formed the Patel Foundation for Global Understanding to advance and improve the plight of others through educational initiatives, scholarships, and healthcare services around the world. Through the Patel Foundation, K-12 schools, vocational training facilities, medical colleges, hospitals, medical clinics, research institutes and community centers have been created in the United States, India, Zambia, and the Caribbean.

Dr. Patel’s many contributions to humanity have garnered him global recognition. To date, he has been awarded several prestigious awards including the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2019, ‘Floridian of the Year’ in 2018, the Ballington and Maud Booth Award for Extraordinary Service to Humanity in 2012, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for Exceptional Immigrant Patriots and the Gujarat Garima Award, both in 2007.

After achieving his medical degree in Gujarat, Dr. K returned to his birthplace, Zambia and practiced 4 years of medicine before immigrating to the United States in 1976 with his wife Pallavi. He continued his training and education at hospitals affiliated with Columbia University where he specialized in Cardiology. After moving to Tampa, Florida in 1982, Dr. Patel quickly became a preeminent Cardiologist and prominent leader of the Tampa Bay community. He was elected President of AAPI (Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin) in 2007, taking the association of 45,000 physicians to greater heights.

Dr. Patel’s visionary business savvy allowed him to lead the trend towards managed health care with the 1999 acquisition of the distressed HMO, Wellcare. Dr. Patel built Wellcare into America’s fifth largest HMO inside of 10 years before making a lucrative exit. He employed an ethnically inclusive staff of over 1,200 people, more than 50% of whom were women. In 2007, Dr. Patel acquired Freedom and Optimum Advantage Healthcare Plans and grew them into the only 5-star rated health plans in Florida earning an annual revenue more than $1.5 billion.

Today, Dr. Patel continues creating, managing, and exiting multi-billion-dollar enterprises. His portfolio includes medical device and software, luxury resort hotels, real estate development, commercial property acquisition, personal aircraft, restaurants and more. His unerring business acumen and incredible success has caused many to believe that Dr. Patel indeed has the ‘Midas Touch’.

Coming from an average family from India and achieving the great American dream, Dr. K knows the right way to make a difference in peoples’ lives; Family values, hard work and a strong belief that each one of us can make a difference towards the betterment of humanity.