2021 – Ravi Krishnan, MD

2021- Ravi Krishnan, MD

 Dr. Krishnan is a board certified internist who has been in private practice (in the East side of Cleveland) for over 26 years. He has been with the Atrium medical group for the past 8 years. He is an active staff member at Hill crest Hospital and has served as a chairman of the medical records committee, and an active member of the medical executive committee for many years.

Dr. Krishnan graduated from Stanley Medical College, Madras with several gold medals and a University rank. He completed his Internal medicine residency at St. Luke’s Medical Center, and was elected as the” intern of the year”. He has consistently scored 99th percentile, both in training exams as well as in the Internal medicine boards.

Over the years, Dr. Krishnan has been involved with several multi center randomized double-blind , parallel group studies with major pharmaceutical companies including Bristol-Myers, Searle-Covance, Merck, Pfizer and Novartis. He was one of the American principal investigators in the CAPRICORN study, published in Lancet in 1997.

He is currently serving as a medical director for several nursing homes and has served as a medical director for a hospice.

Dr. Krishnan is a life member of AIPNO and has served on multiple committees over the years including Executive committee, finance committee, Nominations committee, Awards and recognition committee and Research showcase committee.

As a chair of the endowment committee in 2015, (which marked the silver Jubilee year), he was privileged to have Mr. Scott Hamilton as a chief guest. During his time as AIPNO president the following year, he organized the annual dinner in 2016 with Campy Russell, from the Cavaliers as chief guest. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of AIPNO, and has successfully organized the first ever tennis retreat during the pandemic year 2020 and was able to organize it the following year as well.

Dr. Krishnan is extremely grateful, and attributes his accomplishments to the continued support and understanding of his wife, Geetha. He is very proud of his three children, two of whom are in Law school and the third one is hoping to be a psychiatrist. He is extremely grateful to Dr. Mukunda and his partners for allowing him to be a part of that group in 2013. He is appreciative of the guidance offered by his predecessors as past presidents including Drs Mukunda, Tamaskar, Yalavarthy He is very proud to be part of AIPNO, guided since by Drs Gupta, Raina, Parmar and now Dr Mehta. He is very confident in its future success.

Dr. Krishnan conveys his best wishes to all AIPNO members, supporters, friends and family and requests continued support to work together and achieve more.