2021 – Gita Gidwani, MD

 Dr. Gita Gidwani was the first woman surgeon appointed to the staff at Cleveland Clinic in 1976 and continued to serve as a gynecologist at the Cleveland Clinic for over 30 years. Notable among her multiple achievements is her involvement as a founding member of the Women’s Professional Staff Association (WPSA), founding member and later president of the North American Society for Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology as well as founder of Helping Hands, an organization which has supported the Indian community by providing much needed support to families, new immigrants and people in need. She is also one of the founding member of Medical Yatra, the humanitarian mission under the umbrella of AIPNO in 2001. The organization first started after the earthquake in Gujarat, India and other than the exception of the pandemic has continued its yearly trips to India.

The Gidwani Mid-Career Leadership Development Scholarship which is awarded specifically to advance women professional staff to leadership positions at Cleveland Clinic has been made possible through a gift from Dr. Gidwani.

We hope Dr. Gidwani will continue to inspire women everywhere.