Guidelines for Preparing Posters

Size of Poster:
Each poster board is 3 ft high by 6 ft wide. Your poster can be of any size as long as it fits on the poster board and the lettering is legible from a distance of 2 feet.

Poster Number:
On the top right corner of the poster board will be your poster number. This is the number assigned to your abstract, and provided to you in your email notification.

Poster Board Layout and Format

  • On the top of your poster, place the poster title and author(s).
  • On the upper LEFT corner of the poster board (not poster), place a copy of your typed abstract. This should be a separate document. Please use font size of at least 18 pts.

Click here for poster board layout.

Tips for a Good Poster

  • Avoid too many words, use bullet points, clear figures, large bold font.
  • Post a copy of your abstract.
  • Prepare in advance and post all illustrations needed for your presentation–figures, tables, schemes, equations, etc.
  • Mount your presentation on the poster board with pushpins.
  • Pushpins will be available in the Exhibit Hall.

For more tips, please visit Bandwidth Online, the John A. Hartford Foundation’s one-stop, online source for communications tools and information. There is some great information there about how to create an effective scientific poster.