President’s Message:

Ranjit Tamaskar

On behalf of the Executive Committee of AIPNO, 2014 I would like to wish you a very happy and safe summer.

As the president of AIPNO, I am happy to report that this year the endowment fundraising dinner ‘Chiraag’ on April 12th, 2014, was well attended and AIPNO was able to continue in its role as a charitable organization very successfully. The major beneficiary of this event the Kidney Foundation of Ohio received a donation of $21000. The secondary beneficiaries Shiksha Daan (FICA project for under privileged kid education) and Dyslexia Association, Ohio branch each received $3000. Generous donations from our members and friends made it possible. Thank you and congratulations Dr. Yalavarthy, Chair, Endowment committee and entire team for this mammoth success.

Dr. Arun Gupta and sports committee organized a golf outing which may members enjoyed, and we may likely have another golf outing this summer. There will be picnic on August 24th. Dr. Parmar and Dr. Mude are taking the lead to organize this picnic. Please bring your friends, kids and grandchildren. We will have a blast before school starts. Additional details will follow via email and website.

September 19th is the date for Karaoke to be held at Bamboo Garden. Dr. Parag Kanvinde is helping with the event.

AIPNO has the distinct honor to host AAPI, Governing body meeting at the Cleveland Convention Center along with our annual dinner and 2nd research showcase. We appreciate any residents and healthcare professionals who donate their efforts and time and encourage all to participate. We will have several committees to help us organize this event. Please call Dr. Mukunda, Dr. Yalavarthy, Binnie or myself, if you would like to volunteer your time to help us organize a great evening on November 1st.

Several goals were set for the organization. We are on our way to achieve all of them. Key Bank is providing special loan rates for life members. Please call or email if you want to receive more information. AIPNO has started online registrations for various events and now our updated website provides more information about our organization. Recruitment of new members is slow but growing steadily, spread the word about joining the organization.

I would like to thank you for your support to AIPNO. Together we can continue to achieve new heights.

Please feel free to email me at sukaalu@yahoo.com should you have any question, comment or suggestion.

Thank you,


Ranjit Tamaskar, MD

Our Mission
AIPNO is a 501(c)non-profit charitable organization  founded in 1983 by a few dedicated physicians of Indian origin of Northern Ohio. This organization has a membership of more than 300 multi-specialty physicians geared towards enhancing the quality of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine and supporting efforts to improve the  availability of health care to under-served populations in the community and in India.