President’s Message:

Ranjit Tamaskar

On behalf of the Executive Committee of AIPNO, 2014, I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.
I would like to congratulate the president elect Dr. Umesh Yalavarthy. I also welcome the new members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.

With the arctic chill that has hit us in NE Ohio at the beginning of the year, it was heartwarming to look back at the charitable work AIPNO has managed to do over the last few years. Clearly last year was one of the most successful years for AIPNO and a total of $ 46,000 was donated to various charitable organizations. The role of AIPNO in the lives of Indian physicians in NE Ohio has changed over the years as the Indian Community has expanded and assimilated. In my opinion it has become a platform for us to be more involved in our community and to give back to a community we have developed our roots in. I am very excited to take over as the President of AIPNO for 2014.

I have set forth a few goals and with everybody’s help and support, I hope to achieve them.

  • This year we will embark upon a challenge of enrolling 100 new life members.
  • Make www.aipno.org site more useful, informative, user friendly and dynamic
  • Get tangible benefits for being a life member of AIPNO from various organizations
  • Get more family friendly activities throughout the year
  • Take the Research Show Case to a new level with more participation from area residents/students/ fellows/ administration
  • Expand support in the local community

Participation in our activities is of course a great networking opportunity for all members. The first event is the Endowment fundraising dinner “Chiraag”. Dr. Umesh Yalavarthy, as the president elect, is the chair of the endowment committee. This year’s major beneficiary is the Kidney Foundation, Ohio chapter. The team is working hard to make our endeavor successful. We have added the event calendar for this year on our website. This year a point person from the Executive Committee has been assigned to each activity. We will need volunteers to help organize these events. Please feel free to contact the individual EC member if you are interested in helping arrange the event, and/or have other suggestions for our programs. In many more ways than one, the enthusiasm of participation and involvement from some of our members is already palpable and I am certainly looking forward to another successful year.

For any questions comments or concerns, I am available via email at: sukaalu@yahoo.com.

Ranjit Tamaskar, MD

Our Mission
AIPNO is a 501(c)non-profit charitable organization  founded in 1983 by a few dedicated physicians of Indian origin of Northern Ohio. This organization has a membership of more than 300 multi-specialty physicians geared towards enhancing the quality of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine and supporting efforts to improve the  availability of health care to under-served populations in the community and in India.